Music has always been very important to me. I spent most of my 'formative' years playing in a Band called RFB (Short for Really Free Band). We used to play in a lot of Prisons and therefore, having to appeal to a wide audience, played mostly middle of the road stuff.

The band was run by Cliff Bergdahl who was sadly claimed by the blasted Covid thing at the end of December 20.

For your delectation I originally '.mp3atized' Jesus Our Love, one of the songs that Cliff wrote for RFB - it was actually released on vinyl (remember that!). The whole thing was a bit big - nearly 11mb - so you needed to be patient. Following Cliff's passing there was a renewed interest in his music and Plankton Records 'reissued' the album. Keith Dixon of Plankton Records had this to say:

"I hope you are well. Pleased to say that NEVER SURRENDER started going live on all digital music sites and platforms today. Here are some direct links to some of the bigger sites. It's listed as "Never Surrender" (2018 Remaster). The remaster was done by Denis Blackham in 2016 and we included the track 'Hangin'' on our "Plankton, The Second 20 Years CD" in 2018, that's why I've quoted 2018 instead of 2016 in the title! Remember, downloading earns far more (for the family or causes/charities you may want to support - totally up to you guys) than streaming. You might want to encourage people to consider downloading if possible. We aren't talking fortunes but every little helps (as some big shop place is prone to say).

iTunes/Apple Music UK

Amazon Music UK

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I will of course be sharing on all Planton sites/pages and website over the next day or so. I am so pleased to have it available digitally as an important part of Plankton's history at last! "

Oh, and for the terminally sad Jesus Our Love was played on the fretless Manson......

Some Video

Before this monumentous event (being on Spotify!) I added the whole album to YouTube so you could try and guess which tracks have the fretless and which have the fretted ;-).

A link to the playlist is below:

Here is the promo for my current Band. Under The Cosh play a party style set with emphasis on 90's and 00's BritPop:


Covid-19 has seriously changed the way that music is being done at the moment! Luckly I have a lot of good friends and the nowse and software to get involved in the video craze!

I play in the House Band at an Open Mic in Pyrford and also play in an Acoustic Duo there.

The duo is called One Real Blonde and features my friend Suzie (we went to school together). We started by playing a Two Non Blondes song and so the name err, stuck....

The March 20 Open Mic was held by people posting videos on Facebook so we set what we called the Corona Croaky Karaoke Challenge and did this vid.

My old school bandmates and I did a cover of Californication (which you can see if you click here). While I was singing it through, learning the words, I found it rhymed with 'Covid Vaccination'. Given all the hype we are going through I 'fleshed some lyrics out' and we started working on a 'Covid version'. When I came to be putting the vid together I actually got called for mine and was able to film it and put it in!

Having done a few songs with mates from bands from my teenage years here is a track featuring guys from the very 1st band I ever played in. I themed it around a trip we had on the River Thames - when we all had more hair...

For the November Open Mic we finally got round to recreating that Iconic Song that started One Real Blonde off on their path to errr, having fun making music.

So here is Whats Up...

Octobers Open Mic brought the opportunity to do something spooky! I don't do many things 'seriously' so as this was the 2nd single I ever bought and I have always liked this song here is a 'spooky' version of Monster Mash.

The Viral Jukebox was still going strong in September and here is a very chilled verstion of You Had Time By Ani DiFranco.

As Lockdown reached June I was looking for something to get my teeth into and this was suggested in Viral Jukbox.

After enlisting the help of my old compatriots Al & Val (both Playing on the Really Free stuff) we had a go at Comfortably Numb. It turned out so well I've uploaded a version in 4k! A 1st!

Lockdown was s time to get together with old band mates and I did this with two of the 1st people I ever played in a band with!

Took me back to being 16 again. Except now they let me sing!

As Lockdown continued we did these tracks for the Pyford Fatspanner Open Mic at the end of April 2020. See if you can guess what it is!

As I'm more often a bassist we did a song featuring bass....

Here is another "guess the intro". One of my favourite songs and one of the most famous solo's of all time!

I've managed to play bass, guitar and programme pads and keys on this one! Who's a clever boy then...

Again, done for the Fatspanner Lockdown Open Mic April 2020, this is more a 'classic' 1RB interpretation, just guitar and voice.

I've just played around with the video!

Another couple done for the Fatspanner Lockdown Open Mic April 2020, this time with the House Band.

The first is a 'Lockdown Version' of an old favourite there, 7 Nights to Rock, followed by Peaceful Easy Feeling (a song we often open with).

I got invovled in a singing project being part of a Facebook Group and this is how it turned out.

When actually banding I have been playing with some 'lads' who I used to play with when I first started playing, back when I was at school! This was a cheridy gig we did in Guildford. Confusing huh! Anyway, click the vid if you want to watch.

Here is an old promo I did for Pub Managers in a now defunct Party Band. A chance for me to show off my guitaring though!:

I regularly play in Fatspanner's 'House Band' at the Open Mic at Pyrford and recently jammed 'Blue Suede Shoes'.

I recently realised that the its quite a lot of me on YouTube so here is another snippet from the Open Mic. This time me drumming!

This one is me supporting the 'Phenomenon' that is Howard. He was bullied into singing one month at the Open Mic but got sooo many FaceBook likes he is now a regular!

In 2015 I was involved in 12 hour Songathon where various member of the Spanner Band (and friends) played non-stop for half a day! Highlights of the event are here...

Music I Like...

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