Music has always been very important to me. I spent most of my 'formative' years playing in a Band called RFB (Short for Really Free Band). We used to play in a lot of Prisons and therefore, having to appeal to a wide audience, played mostly middle of the road stuff.

The band was run by Cliff Bergdahl. He is still ministers through his music. If you want to book Cliff to come and play for you, be part of a mission or something like that please let me know.

For your delectation I have '.mp3atized' Jesus Our Love, one of the songs that Cliff wrote for RFB - it was actually released on vinyl (remember that!). The whole thing is a bit big - nearly 11mb - so please be patient. Click the icon and enjoy. If it does not start immediately it's probably loading. Oh, and for the terminally sad this was played on the fretless Manson......

Now that we have YouTube I've added the whole album so you can try and guess which tracks have the fretless and which have the fretted ;-). A link to the playlist is below:

More recently I have been playing with some 'lads' who I used to play with when I first started playing, back when I was at school! This was a cheridy gig in Guildford and features the singer from a party band that I currently play in with. Confusing huh! Anyway, click the vid if you want to watch.

That 'Party band' is called the Chris Robson Experience (Its a long story) and we are available for any sort of function!. We did a promo for Pub Managers and you can see that here:

I sometimes play in Fatspanner's 'House Band' at the Open Mic at Pyrford and recently jammed 'Blue Suede Shoes'.

I recently reaslised that the its quite a lot of me on YouTube so here is another snippet from the Open Mic. This time me drumming!

This one is me supporting the 'Phenomenon' that is Howard. He was bullied into singing one month at the Open Mic but got sooo many FaceBook likes he is now a regular!

In 2015 I was involved in 12 hour Sonathon where various member of the Spanner Band (and friends) played non-stop for half a day! Highlights of the event are here...

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