Fender Standard Softail Stratocaster Born: 1979

Owned: Bought New

Like the Precision Bass this was bought new from Sam Ash's in New York.

It is a 1979 standard 'American' Strat. I put that in quotes as they only really made guitars in the US then!

The unusual thing about this guitar is the colour. I've never been able to find out what it is. Some people say that it was black but the finish has 'gone funny' but some others say that it is 'Midnight Blue'. Either way I've only ever seen one other the same!

Nothing (except the stings!) has ever been changed on this guitar - it is totally original. She is a bit 'hissy' now and never was the best guitar at staying in tune ('cause of the tremolo bridge). However, I love her dearly....

Line 6 James Tyler Variax 'JTV-59' Born: 2013 ish

Owned: since new

I bought a Variax 500 in September 2005. It is a 'modeling guitar' in that it is pretty much more of a computer than a guitar. It emulates the sound of loads of guitars, including acoustic guitars, so it saves changes between songs. Its so versatile that you can even change them mid song!

I used it with a POD XT-Live that controlled the Variax so you can just push buttons with your feet to change the sounds and tunings. Its not the most exciting guitar to play but given the versatility it is, in my opinion, the ideal guitar for bands where you play varied material - like a worship band!

For my 'significant birthday' in '13 I 'upgraded' to a James Tyler Variax - the JTV-59. This is a 'Les Paul' style single cut that has the added benefit of being able to change the tunings on the guitar - rather than just through the POD. I now have what they call 'the Dream Rig' of JTV, DT-25 amp and POD HD500X.

Boy does it sound good!

Line 6 Variax 500 Born: 2005 ish

Owned: Since new

Here is the 'old' 500. I don't really use it any more and should really sell it! However I keep justifying the fact that 'because my sound is so reliant on the Line 6 technology its a good spare guitar to have at gigs in case I break a string...'. The things we tell ourselves.....

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