Ibanez 924 'Musician' Born: 1980's

Owned: Bought New

This used to be my 'main' bass but its been 'relegated' to 2nd (or even 3rd!) fiddle after more recent acquisitions. It was a 21th birthday present which makes it 'ehm years old.

It has a beautiful slim neck - which attracted me to it. Quite like a Jazz Bass but I prefer this. Sting used to play one in the '80's (now I'm showing my age!) although that is not why I bought it!

Constructed with a straight through neck the sustain is wonderful. The bass is active with boost/cut for bass, middle and treble. Only complaint I have is that it is really heavy. I prefer to play her sitting down now (that I am an old man!) otherwise I tend to get backache.

Fretless Manson Kestrel Born: 1981

Owned: since about 1985

It was made by Hugh Manson in September 1981 but I didn't get to own it until a bit later.

It is based on a Kestrel shape body but nearly all Hughes guitars are 'made to measure'.

The bass sports a single Kent Armstrong Humbucker with a coil tap. Brass hardware and gold plated Schallers.

The main thing that attracted me to it, besides the look, is the lightness of the body. Usually that will affect the tone but, because of the woods used - and excellence of the luthier! - it sounds really great. It has a kind of an 'oink' which gives it a really distinctive sound.

I recently contacted Manson Guitar Works to see if they had any info on the bass and they were able to tell me

"what a fab bass - thanks for the info and link. I am, as the article suggests, deep in the history of Manson right now amongst other things but I have found the records for your bass entered simply as "stripey bass, fretless, mahogany neck" Alongside yours at that time was a Merlin Guitar for Cliff Richard, a Sandpiper acoustic and a Kestrel bass. It's in about the first 100 instruments made."

Didn't know it was one of the 1st ones he made!

Zon Legacy Born: 1987

Owned: Since 2019

I was lucky enough to play a Zon Sonus recently and this was sooo good it set me on a search for one of my own. They are like Hen's Teeth however but I was able to snap up this Legacy on eBay! As part of the buying process I contacted Zon's Customer Services and got this reply:

"The bass was built in July 1987, while we were still located in Buffalo NY. There were only a hand full of those basses made with one piece flame maple bodies, so its a rare piece.

You’ll notice a hole in the back cover plate. That is to access the midrange trimmer control mounted on the circuit board. If you take the coverplate off you’ll see the trimmer which can also be adjusted by hand. One of the features unique to that circuit and no other, is the active volume control. The benefit being as you turn the volume up and down, there is no change in tone, unlike most other circuits which typically have passive tone controls."

Status Series 3 Born: 2016

Owned: since 2019

Getting the Zon fired me up to complete a (playing) Lifetime ambition to own a Status.

The Zon is a superb bass and Joe Zon is a master Luthier but the 'Brit' in me was hankering after something 'home made'.

Again, a search for an S2 ended in getting this rather splendid Series 3. Its far more beautiful than it looks in the picture. A classic understatement. And it plays like a dream...

Aria Acoustic Bass Born: have to look it up!

Owned: since new

I bought this FEB-DLXN for practices. Getting fed up with lugging a load of gear just to play at someones house I thought that it would be a great idea to have an acoustic bass. Unfortunately this was a bit of an impulse buy as, although it is fine to play and sounds OK, it's not really loud enough to play acoustically.

It has a Fishman piezo system and is good through an amp - but that means that you still have to take an amp......

5 Sting Bass Build Born: 2018

Owned: I made it...

I'm 'time rich and cash poor' with my current job and I'm also practical and love a challenge! So for the the long summer break of 2018 I decided to use the time to build myself a 5 string from a kit. It took about a month, loads of rubbing down and some help from a few mates but it plays really well and sounds 'OK'. I say 'OK' as the notes below the low E are a bit 'woofley' and lack definition (when compared to higher end basses). As a '4 string' it sounds great and I can't work out if it was a problem with my workmanship of if it is possible to blame it on the wood that it is made of. It cost under £300 all in and I made a Bass Build page if you want to see how the build went.

Fender Precision Born: 1978

Owned: since new

I can't really admit to owning this bass as it really belongs to my brother. It's actually back at his place for the timebeing as I don't really have space!

Compared to the Ibanez the neck is like a cricket bat but it sounds great.

It's a 1978 standard precision and we have owned it since new. It was bought at Sam Ash's music store in New York.

Bassists who have inspired me

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