Bass Build

The Kit

OK, so an unfinished body and neck turned up with various bits/knobs/switches. I had expected to replace quite a few of the bits but referring to a mate who does quite a lot of guitar fixing almost everything went in the bin except the knobs and the pickups.

Upgraded parts were duly ordered almost doubling the original purchase price but you could see that what was provided wasn't going to cut it in the being part of an actual playable bass stakes.

The Back

I decided to work on the back first - that way if it was pants you wouldn't normally see it.

I bought stain from a company called Crimson Guitars and chose their Oil for the final finish.

It started off a bit too brown so I decided to rub it down again and liked the unfinished 'distressed' look so much I decided that would be the final look.

The Front

I decided on Orange Stain for the front and after tinkering with the distressed look I settled on this.


I probably could have wired it up but as I have an 'almost professional' mate who has done many builds I was very happy that he agreed to help.

The Finish

I'm still bugged by the fact that the anchor hole for the B string is slightly out of line with the rest but for a 1st effort I don't think its too bad! Sounds good too and is nice and light because of the chamber.

Making it mine...

It's taken nearly 2 years but FINALLY I got to add some art work that my daughter designed! Using some laminate and a laser cutter (it's taken ages to get to use) we now have a lizard and a logo!

Bassists who have inspired me

Email me with your Website Building enquiry or if you need a bass player. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.......