Acoustic Guitars

Taylor 810 Born: 2000

Owned: Bought New

I bought this in November 2000. It was a 'present' from my mother-in-law. She is a babe - that's the guitar!

I coveted a Taylor long before I was able to get one. My dad lives in San Diego (where they are made) and I managed to go on a tour of the Factory when I visited one time. There were only two people waiting for the tour - me and this other guy. He had his Taylor with him as his wife had cleaned the top with a scourer - badly scratching part of the top. He asked if it was possible for them to do something about it and they took the guitar from him.

He was expecting a long and costly job but when we finished the tour they gave him the guitar back - having polished out the scratches. He asked 'how much' but they said 'no problem' - like Rolls Royce, just part of the 'Taylor' service.

This guitar used to have a passive Fishman fitted as I wanted it to be as 'stock' as it could be. I used my Trace Elliot TAP1 acoustic pre-amp pedal when amplifying it so having everything 'off board'. This was the best option for me as it leaves the guitar as natural as possible - getting a great sound but without having a hole cut in the guitar for the battery housing.

However, in Feb 18 I fitted an LR Baggs Anthem as they got such good reviews. Still no battery housing - just a couple of bits stuck on the inside with 3M tape! And the sound is as natural as it can be. Now the sound coming from the amp sounds just like the guitar, only louder! no Piezo quack!

She has a Sitka spruce top with rosewood sides. I appreciate that some people don't like the fact that Taylor use plastic binding on these but the wood and the detail are great.

Oh, and I decided on the Taylor way before they became the Worship Leaders Guitar Of Choice!

Aria FW-15 Acoustic Born: not sure

Owned: was my mums!

Another guitar that I can't truly claim to be mine.

My mum spent several years learning how to play and when she went through a 'giving up patch' I ended up with it.

I put a (Seymore Duncan) piezo under the bridge myself and have had many happy years playing her. Indeed, she still gets taken to places that I couldn't trust myself with the Taylor and 'lent out' to friends that want to have a go at learning guitar.

This is the only guitar that I have that has sustained any real damage. She was knocked over by the vicars robes when he was moving past the equipment to share the peace and has a 'ding' above the sound hole.

Fender 12 String Born: 1981 ish

Owned: Since I was 21

I was given this 12 string for my 21st birthday. It spent a long time being borrowed by a mate and as a 'thank you' I got a Fishman piezo fitted. It sounds really good but I find it quite hard to play - probably me, not the guitar. The neck is a bit wide and it is difficult to make a barr with all that pressure from the stings.

Still, it's nice to get it out once in a while as the jangley sound is great.

I contacted Fender to get some details on the guitars I own. This was the only one they had any info on. The others are all too old!! This is what they told me:

Model Name: F5-12
Model Number: 094-7200-000
Series: "F" - SERIES
Source: Japan
Body Style: Dreadnought
Body Depth: N/A
Top: Spruce
Back and Sides: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Scale Length: N/A
No. Of Frets: 20
Width at Nut: N/A
Width at Heel: N/A
Machine Heads: Chrome
Bridge: Rosewood
Electronics: None
Finish: Poly
Colors: Natural
Strings: N/A
Unique Features: N/A
U.S. MSRP: $195
Comments: Acoustic guitars, imported from Asia.
Introduced: 1980
Discontinued: 1981

Mahalo Ukulele Born: have to look it up!

Owned: since new

Ok Ok, I get caught up with trends. Uke's have been getting more and more popular. Very portable and not too hard for guitarists to play.

I have a cheap Mahalo Soprano which is great for the odd song...

Acoustic guitarists who have inspired me

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